Friday, January 29, 2016


It's me. Just thought I'd pop in to say sorry for being silent for, um like half a year. The crazier our BenBen gets, the harder it is to find the time to blog, you know. We can't take our eyes off him for a second! 

Enough about him though. Back to me. My mom and dad recently had a parent-teacher conference about me where my teachers ranted and raved about me. They say I've got all the numbers, letters, and shapes that they've taught down pat. I'm also an exceptional cutter. That may have something to do with the fact that my Grammie and Beep Beep pretty much hosted scissor boot camp when they were in town for Christmas. We had to cut a billion strips of paper to make garland for their fake tree! 

The only thing I did not get an "S" on my little report card was "self control"... I got a "P" for progressing. Imagine that; a four year is still progressing in the area of self control! Luckily, my parents were not surprised by this in the least. They also gave me a little award for alway being happy! I think that award is equivalent to the "you're wild, but at least you're cute" award. 

In other news, Bennie wanting to do EVERYTHING I do may really pay off in some areas. 

Our little Lolly turned nine this month. That's 63 in Lolly years! Bennie loves her so much that he calls all his lovies Lolly and Gunner goes by Lolly too. Poor guy. He's always lived life in her big hippo shadow. 

This way quite the random catch up and should only get more random because next up I'll tell you all about my rainbow birthday party that was more than a month ago! 

Stay fancy! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Girl vs. Boy

Not that it's healthy to compare, but since it's going to happen anyway, I thought maybe I'd just take the lead. 

When it comes to me and my little bro, these are my observations so far: 

He eats more than I do. He hardly weighs anything, but somehow he's the already the one we're concerned about keeping enough food in the house for. 

This is probably more of an age thing, but he could care less about the TV. I love me some "toons" and all B cares about is the song at the beginning and the end of the show. Seems totally normal, but we've also noticed that Bennie has a thing for Levon Helm.  He definitely gets more excited about music than I did at his age and now that he's spending more time on his feet, he's got some moves.

Girls talk a lot. I totally "had" more words than him at his age. He says "daddy" about 200 times a day with an occasional "mama". He kinda whispers this thing that's sounds a lot like "what's that?" A lot, but we're not sure. He also says "bye" and "hi" (not really hi to people, just when he picks something up that he thinks is a phone and holds it to his ear) and that's about all you can count on. Looking back at my moms calendars from when she actually  wrote things down that happened around here, I was saying ball, momma, dada, uh oh, hi, Lolly, Kiki, car, no, and "hey puppies". So I win this category... 

I imagine in the long run, I will typically have him beat in this category, as well. Since it is still up to the parents though, all I can say is that we both love taking baths and love brushing our teeth even more. Not sure if that's weird, but since Bennett's namesake (momma's godfather) is our most favorite dentist in the world, it seems appropriate. And a little sucky-uppy if I'm being honest. 

Boys can be dramatic like whoa. I think people tend to assume this is only a girl thing. At this point in my life, yes I can pitch a fit like no other, but I've had 3.5 years to perfect that skill. At 15 months, Bennie's little tantrums are downright impressive. Although, we were not impressed when he bit me on the back the other night. Hash tag not a happy choice. 

Okay, this is a weird category and I'm totes contradicting the drama thing, because there is no drama whatsoever when it comes to B and poops. He likes to get it out of the way every morning at 8:00 and it's no big deal. You know this is so not me, but seems pretty trypical for a male. 

Stay fancy, 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


As a little blogger, I've learned that if I let too many things happen in my little life without blog blog blogging it to you I get too overwhelmed by the thought of it. I literally will start the post and then I'm like "um no they don't want to hear about that and that and that". And then I'm like, "but my Grammie and W (that's pronounced Dubya btw) probably do want to hear about that and that and that..." And this goes in a lot! #thestruggleisreal

But then I soldier on and here I am. 

So I took a little trip to VA to visit the Grammie and W on Gwynn's Island. We call this Grammie Camp. A long long time ago, my mom and other littles got shipped to this very same camp with her Grammie. That would be the original Grammie-should we call her the OG?. Anyway, it was magical and care free and I'm thinking that's the goal here. So far my parents have accompanied me, but I am trying to ditch them in the next few years, because I think that's kinda key for the true camper/counselor thing to truly blossom.

Lots of crabbing goes on a Grammie Camp. Excellent for honing your "being real patient" skills, which I will say are rusty. 

Since we've been home we've been rather busy. I hit up Birdy and Poppie's for a slumber party, which is always fun, while the parents went to Atlanta for a party my momma's longest lifetime bestie ever.  

I've had a few more swim lessons and I think I'm getting it! My teacher pretty much lets go of me and shoots me towards the wall and I'm forced to sink or swim. So far it's been swim swim swim like my life depends on it. Kinda does.

Bennie had his 15 month check up where we learned absolutely nothing we didn't already know about him. "He's not a big guy". That is what the doctor says every visit. Thanks doc. 

I went for moral support, but now that I'm looking at this I wonder if I was very helpful...? 

And on Monday, we had our best buddies over that we don't get to see enough. We just thought we'd catch up for the day and let my momma know what it's like to basically have two sets of twins. 

This handsome lad is my age and has the most country accent I have ever heard. Love you Lawrence! 😘

And this little guy is Bennie's age and loves a momma hip almost as much as B, which was interesting to watch her handle to say the least. I can almost guarantee Bennie was crying at her feet while she was taking this selfie with baby Camper.  

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful given the little person to big person ratio. 
All tents got a lot of action. 

Camper decided to give Bennie's favorite Mogley crawl and try. He came to us a perfect walker, a runner even, and we sent him home crawling like man cub. #Oops

Buddies that bathe together, stay together. Right?
Stay fancy! 


Sunday, June 28, 2015

A fancy Friday

On Friday morning, I went to my post op appointment for my tube removal surgery and got the all clear on the ears. This is really only exciting to me because now my parents don't have to spend the rest of the summer chasing me down with ear plugs or silly swimcaps. 

I actually have a sneaky feeling my mom is not going to quit with the swimcap though. This is one of like 29 pics she has taken of me wearing it. Never a good sign. 

We went to the galleria to ride the merry go round to celebrate. The galleria is awful and stresses everyone out, so I was surprised when my mom suggested it, but it all made sense when we ended up in Forever21. Sneaky momma. The hi-light of that trip was probably Bennie stealing a sparkly pump from the shoe department in Von Maur. My mom thinks she is some kind of granola hippie now and has been wearing Bennie on her back in the ergo like so: 

That pic is from target, but anyway, when we left Von Maur and made it to the merry go round Mom all of sudden noticed that B was about to stab her in the head with a stolen shoe! It was very sparkly and prom like. He doesn't have the best taste, but he sure is sneaky. We had to go back and tell them that the little person strapped to Momma's back was a thief. How embarrassing!  
And how did she punish him? With a trip to Steel City Pops after naps. 

We shared the blueberry basil popsicle and it was delicious!

Hope y'all had a super fancy weekend! 

Stay fancy!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Chatty Mims

In addition to being fancy, I can be pretty chatty. Now, if you've just recently run into me unexpectedly, just met me, or even invited me to your house to play, you probably don't believe me. But if you give me about twenty minutes and pay no attention to me whatsoever, I'll magically warm up and chat your face off. Actually, the best way to get me talk, is to just give Bennie a lot of attention...

Around my house though, no warm-up time is required. It's game on all day every day. I'm sure y'all are no different in your house with your own peeps.

Anyway, I thought I'd start sharing some of the things I say that seem to really tickle the parents.

Last night, when my daddy was tucking me in (for maybe the third time, if I had to guess) I looked at him and said "Daddy, you need to take your beard off and be a real daddy!"

He laughed (a lot), but it didn't get me out of going to bed. You win some, you lose some. When he left for work this morning, he still had a beard, so guess he's not too interested in being a real daddy...

This was all after I had told him earlier in the night that I wanted Momma to put me to bed and snuggle with me, because "he's too dog hairy". He seems to have Lolly hair all over his chest and his "arm pips". It legit baffles me and he just laughs.

Stay fancy!

P.S. Who's impressed with three posts in a row?!?!? Don't get too excited. You know I'm sporadic at best.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Yesterday around 5:30, I was posing like a precious little pookie. I can follow directions every once and a while.  Ms. Lauren said sit like a lady. This is my lady pose friends. 

But shortly after, I was caught under the table in Zoe's (a restaurant) with my bloomers around my ankles (never good) and my panties on their way back up! My mom was literally trying to eat her Greek salad as fast as possible, while wondering why she keeps taking Bennie and I both in public without our Jon with us and expecting a peaceful, not stressful experience when she caught me. 

She was all "MIMS! What are you doing!?" 

And I'm like "oh I didn't poop in my panties." [so straight faced] 

My mom asked if I was just checking and I'm like "yes..." [duh]. Seems totally normal to me, but we got to go boxes and hightailed it out of there anyway. Probably has something to do with not being "very ladylike"...

Stay fancy! 
XOXO, Mimsy

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Bennie is One (plus two 2.5 months)....

I told y'all I felt a sentimental shout out coming on, but in true fashion it's tardy (2.5 months tardy now. It has been saved as a draft and I thought I'd go ahead and finish it now instead of just letting that promise die.)

Maybe I just had to make sure everyone was good and done celebrating the little guy's birthday. Geez! He had a little party in Birmingham and then we flew to Richmond and had yet another party! Poor guy didn't enjoy party number two much though, because he had an ear infection and a molar coming in. I told him to get over himself, because the same thing happened to me when I celebrated my first birthday in the RVA.

Since then, we've (really just the parents) all been on the edge our seats waiting for him to walk. They think he's so close, but  he looks awfully wobbly to me. He's happiest on my Momma's hip when it's just the three of us. When daddy comes home though he dives into his arms and can't be put down except to eat. Then back to Momma for bedtime. He's working those two good. I wouldn't walk either if I were him. He's actually making me regret the way I went about a lot of my milestones...

He's a sneaky little guy, emphasis on little. (Even though he eats more than I do.) We are "playing together" more and more lately, which is exciting to my parents. I've caught them on more than one occasion creepily watching us while we play in our rooms or the sunroom. It doesn't last long though before B starting trying to eat my stuff and then I have an embarrassing fit...

So this didn't turn out to be all that sentimental after all. #shocker 
But for reals, I do love my Bennie so much...Almost as much as he loves me!

Stay fancy!